Battle Sprites

For the battle scene, I have created 2 characters from Saint Seiya Anime : Pegasus seiya and Lion Aiolia.
I used GIMP to create the sprites, using gameboy advance characters as base and overwriting them.

Here are the sprites : 2 96×96 pixels lion and 3 96×96 pixels seiya. Knowing that DS will take 32×32 sprites, they have been split in 9 to fit the DS needs.

Background is coming directly from sega Megadrive’s Shining Force :

After that, some programings and here we go in the DS. 
You can download and rename the following file with .nds instead of .jpg and launch it on emulator or DS :

New Project : NDS Saint Seiya Tactics

Hello Everybody,

Here is my new projcet : NDS Saint Seiya Tactics, an ambitious tactical RPG game based on the famous saint seiya series.

I have been a big fan of Saint Seiya for a very long time, it started when I was 6 years old, so really a long time ago :)

I also loved one video game series in my childhood : the Shining Force series.

Combining these 2 passions is a dream that I have been working on for some years first on GBA and now on DS : the project Saint Seiya Tactics.

Hope you can encourage me on it, as I am working alone for this project. You can find bellow some screenshots of parts I have been able to get so far :